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Edward C. Atsinger

Edward C. “Ted” Atsinger is co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Greytek, LLC, a counterintelligence and security services company focusing on the Defense and Industrial Security sectors.  A veteran of multiple combat deployments, Mr. Atsinger dedicated himself to serving the interests of national security after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, serving with distinction as a professional Counterintelligence Officer assigned to and supporting the United States Intelligence and Special Operations communities. Prior to his national security career, Mr. Atsinger worked as a Senior Producer in Salem’s National News and Public Affairs Department.  Mr. Atsinger holds a BA/MA (Oxon) in Philosophy and Theology from Oxford University, England.  He has been a member of the Board of Directors of Rockbridge Academy, a classical Christian school in Millersville, Maryland since 2010. Mr. Atsinger is the son of CEO Edward G. Atsinger III.  Additionally, he is the nephew of Chairman Stuart W. Epperson and cousin of Director Stuart W. Epperson Jr.

Mr. Atsinger brings valuable senior executive leadership experience and business development experience to the Company.

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