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James Keet Lewis

Mr. Lewis has been a Director of the Company since May 2014.  Mr. Lewis is co-owner of Lewis Group International, which has since 1990 been involved in several new product introductions in the health and wellness industry.  Mr. Lewis was also the founder and president of Cool Pool Solutions, Inc. and is co-developer of a patent on a swimming pool maintenance product, The Skimmer Basket Buddy.  Most recently, Mr. Lewis has focused a significant amount of his consulting time on international energy projects.  Mr. Lewis serves or has served on various political, ministry and charity boards, including the Christian Film and Television Commission, Liberty Institute, The Criswell College, Heritage Alliance, Heritage Alliance PAC, Texas Life Connections,  Goodwill of Dallas, The Heidi Group, World Link Ministries, Hope for the Heart Ministries, Dallas Council For Life and The Caring Peoples Network.  Mr. Lewis currently serves as a trustee of Houston Christian Broadcasting, Inc., which operates 18 non-commercial Christian radio stations, including its flagship station KHCB, in Houston, Texas.  He is also currently on the Board of Bott Radio Network in Kansas City, MO and is the co-managing member of GST Advisors LLC.  Additionally, since 2016, Mr. Lewis has served on the Board of Know the Truth, a non-profit organization that is a customer of the Company.  Mr. Lewis received his B.B.A. in 1977 from the University of Texas.

Mr. Lewis brings to the Board valuable leadership experience and relevant experience with our audience and programmers by virtue of his Board service on several political, charitable and ministry organizations.

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