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  • Townhall has been amplifying voices in America’s political debates for over 15 years and is the largest community of opinion leaders and Main Street conservatives today. Townhall is one of the most powerful political forces in Washington and an essential part of the discussion nationwide.

    Over 2 million unique visitors each month rely on Townhall to read and interact with more than 250 columnists, receive breaking news, listen to talk radio, find some of the nation’s top bloggers and watch videos from Fox News, along with our own award-winning, original video broadcasts.   more

  • Hot Air provides a constantly-updated site for political and cultural analysis from a center-right perspective–making it the premier conservative blog covering politics, culture and media. Commentary from Ed Morrissey and anonymous blogger “Allah Pundit” give a fresh conservative perspective on the news of the day–around the clock

    Commentators such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham regularly reference Hot Air on their radio and television shows, making it the most heavily-trafficked conservative blog on the Internet.   more

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Townhall on the Radio

Townhall Commentaries are heard nationwide on the radio and are available exclusively at These commentaries bring concise insight into the vital issues of the day from the sharpest minds in the conservative world, including: Hugh Hewitt, Michael Medved, David Aikman and Albert Mohler.

  • Over 70 stations
  • Heard by over 1 million people daily
Townhall Review

The Review is a weekly radio news magazine with a distinct perspective on the week’s events from personalities listeners can depend on. Hugh Hewitt hosts the program, taking listeners beyond the headlines to give a fuller understanding of the stories and the forces shaping our culture today. The Weekend Journal is heard on more than 90 radio stations each weekend and can be podcast at

  • Over 90 stations
  • Heard by over 200,000 each weekend

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