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  • Today's Christian Music

    Today’s Christian Music

    Salem’s “Today’s Christian Music” radio network provides contemporary Christian music programming to over 125 stations nationwide. Our clients enjoy the benefits of a number of key features, not readily available anywhere else!

    Start with our wildly popular morning show, hosted by recording artist Jaci Velasquez, whose 16 #1 radio hits are well familiar to your listeners!  Jaci teams with Doug Griffin on the Family Friendly morning show – a  huge favorite with audiences everywhere!

    In addition to engaging personalities, Salem’s vast nationwide research identifies the perfect blend of refreshing, positive, uplifting music and puts this music library to work for you. We’ve been on the forefront of CCM music research for years, and that’s why your listeners will not find such a refined, perfect blend of music anywhere else on the radio dial. It will keep them smiling all day long.

    Today’s Christian Music network has been on the air over 20 years, so very importantly, this is no experiment. In fact, we like the results of this proven programming so much so that we air the network on many of our popular “Fish” stations! The results are telling.  On our flagship station in Nashville, our researched music library and localized content are the building blocks that have allowed us, in just a few short years, to build an audience far in advance of what established CCM stations in that market were able to do. While you are reviewing our site, take a moment to listen to our network as it’s heard on the  Nashville flagship, 94FM the Fish.

    You’ll simply love the team we’re ready to put to work for you.  Program director Vance Dillard has been national adult contemporary brand manager for some of radio’s biggest ownership groups.  Few can boast the experience and audience building success of Vance and his team.  This simply isn’t another one of those networks that can’t make its own local station work, let alone your station. With Today’s Christian Music you get a team of professionals who’ve made the programming work day in and day out – to build ratings and revenue growth – in a market saturated with CCM and AC competitors.

    When you want relatable content, well-researched music, major market appeal, and access to the format’s top artists, you want Today’s Christian Music.  Whether you require a full-time format, or simply the availability of a format for overnights and filler, Today’s Christian Music is here for you with dependable, consistent programming built into a network service that will allow your station to entirely localize its sound.

    It’s worked for years on our station and on many, many others! Let us help make it work for you too!

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