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  • The interactive media of Salem National can help you target two very distinct consumer groups: General Market Talk and the Faith-Based community.

    Salem National is the interactive division for the Salem Radio Network. Many of our clients use our interactive media as the perfect complement to their network radio campaigns. This takes the form of display ads on our hosts’ websites, targeted email to the hosts’ newsletter list, in-stream commercials, mobile ads, and pre-roll video. Increasingly, however, clients have called on us to create stand-alone interactive ad campaigns for their businesses. Either way, we exist to create customized interactive solutions based on your specific objectives. Visit

    • General Market

      One of America’s most important, influential and respected voices on cultural, political and education issues and on the TALKERS more

      Passionate, funny, a Fox News Channel regular contributor and guest host, best-selling author, and on the TALKERS Magazine’s Top 100 of.. more

      Provocative dialog, incisive commentary and reliable humor, a film critic, best selling author, and on the TALKERS Magazine’s Top 100 of… more

      Executive Editor of, one of the country’s most widely read bloggers, three time Emmy award winner and on the TALKERS Magazine’s… more

      One of the most respected radio talk show hosts in America and on the TALKERS Magazine’s Top 100 of Most-Listened-To Talk show hosts! more

    • Faith-Based

      A full service news division based in Washington, D.C. With a team of seasoned journalistic professionals who bring a wealth of talent to… more targets Christians ages 18-30. The site is a popular online destination for youth and young adults interested in Christian… more is one of the most frequented sites for Southern Gospel fans. The site features the latest in new music, news, stories, tours… more
      Our online companion to YOUTHWORKER JOURNAL, an award-winning publication containing specialized content… more
      Known as the center of the web for those who proclaim God’s word, is an access point for a host of preaching… more is the only major media platform to focus exclusively on the needs of the Christian fiction reader. FamilyFiction between… more targets those who are passionate about Christian music and interested in Christian family and lifestyle products and… more
      At, we work with many of the nation’s top Christian colleges and universities to provide helpful information to… more

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