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PureTalk AMAC
Save The Children Food For The Poor
Angi PHD Weight Loss
Hillsdale College Israel Ministry of Tourism
United Faith Mortgage Relief Factor
Legacy PM Medishare
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Salem Media Representatives is a national advertising company that has been helping clients reach Christian and politically conservative consumers via a variety of media.

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"The phones are so busy with calls from The Mike Gallagher Show that we have had to come up with a solution to manage all the calls. It is a fabulous problem to have."
- PHD Weight Loss
"Our clients have found consistent success in lead generation through our partnership with Salem Radio. We have found their service and support to be exceptional."
- On A Mission Communications
"What I find so unique about your team is not merely how good they are at what they do, but just how well they work together. And your team's aim is always to serve the client."
- Job Creators Network