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Our Salem Influencer Network remains true to the Salem Media Group brand. Our influencers have highly engaged followers that see them as friends and count on them for trusted advice on topics such as marriage, parenting, fashion, finances, beauty, travel, dating, home décor, etc. Through organic, paid influencer campaigns, our influencers will help you grow your brand responsibly.

We Help Influencers Connect With Brands

We have decades of experience knowing what products and services are embraced by family-friendly consumers. Our representatives have deep, trusting relationship with brands and ad agencies that go back decades. Our leadership understands the best practices within influencer marketing. The consistent feedback from our influencers has been, “we’ve been praying someone would do this!”

Let’s Work Together

Whether you are an influencer, agency, or brand, let’s connect!
Salem Influencer Network will put you on the right path.

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