WLQV Faith Talk

92.7 AM / 1500 AM WLQV FaithTalk

Detroit, MI Christian Teaching and Talk


FaithTalk Detroit WLQV is a radio station serving the Detroit market. The station’s 50,000 watt daytime signal enables it to be heard from Michigan’s Thumb area down to Northwest Ohio, and from Lansing, Michigan to parts of Ontario, Canada.

Through this format a listener can hear Bible teaching and sermons and gain answers to questions relating to daily life, from raising children to preserving religious legal rights in education and the workplace. This format serves as both a learning resource and a personal support for listeners nationwide. In response, listeners call and write into these programs to ask questions, get more material on a subject, and receive study guides based on what they have learned on the radio.

Our roster of talent not only includes some of today’s top influencers, theologians, critical thinkers.and ministries on the radio — Dr. John MacArthur, R.C. Sproul, Dr. Charles Stanley and Dr. Dobson, it also includes ministries that are making a big impact right here in Southeastern Michigan.