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Boston, MA Christian Teaching and Talk

WROL carries more renowned and influential programs than any other Boston Radio Station. After 30 years of serving the metro-Boston area, WROL has built a loyal audience of greater Boston, southern New Hampshire and Cape Cod. WROL listeners are loyal and proactive customers. Their loyalty to WROL transfers to our advertisers. Working in state-of-the-art digital facilities, our award winning team provides agency-level creative at no additional charge. You are in good company as an advertiser on WROL. Our list of current and recent local advertisers, many of whom have been with us for years, will attest to the success of their ads on our station. There are many reasons our advertisers choose and stay with WROL.

Christian Teaching and Talk

Christian Teaching and Talk is our core, foundational format. Through this powerful format, listeners are able to hear Bible teaching and preaching from a wide variety of Christian preachers and teachers. Listeners develop, learn and grow in their faith as they gain answers to questions relating to daily life, from raising children to improving marriages. Informative Christian talk programming engages listeners on the cultural issues of the day from a biblical perspective and also addresses important legal rights in education and the workplace. This format also serves our nationwide audiences as a trusted learning resource coupled with strong daily support and much needed encouragement. This faith-based audience is quite responsive to the daily ministry programming of our partners as listeners call, click, email, write and support their favorite programs. Many listeners ask questions and further engage in order to receive more materials on a subject which they have discovered and learned on the radio.